How to beat some slot machines in local casinos by beating them

The top income earner in casinos is the slot machine. IGT, a slot machine manufacturer, released a new machine called Visions in the late 1990’s. These machines were just everyday casino slots machines, but they had an additional feature: a bonus. These machines usually had a monitor in the upper part of the machine. Ninety percent were successful in beating these slot machines. You can win on slot machines! You may be wondering how? It was a simple idea, but it was kept secret.

The traditional Baccarat Site machine uses a random generator that activates and selects the spin when your first credit is activated. This generator determines the payout and final percentages of the machine. The percentage you get for a particular slot is traditionally higher if the denomination is higher. How do you win? VIsit Baccarat Site, they will perfectly guide you on this!

This is the difference between a Vision machine and one from IGT. The pay line percentages are much lower than those on a traditional machine. This is due to some of the percentage being added to the Visions bonus. The bonus, which is often found on the video screen, can be any number of different bonuses. A picture of a cartoon-looking cherry pie on the top of a cherry pie machine’s slot machine monitor? A picture of a diamond mine with a cartoon-looking screen flashing by as you play. These are just two examples of IGT Visions that we are currently discussing.

There are many styles of IGT Visions that are good, but the Cherry Pie or Diamond Mine are the most common. We will now look at the Diamond Mine as an example. Like most IGT Visions, the Diamond Mine has a video screen at its top. Three columns can hold 10 diamonds each. Double Diamond machines are the traditional version. The reels are the same, except for the addition of a diamond. The Double Diamond emblems do not represent 2x on the payline, but the actual graphics of a real diamond. The pay line does not include this diamond. This diamond only adds 1, 2 or 3 diamonds depending on whether you wager 1, 2, or 3.

You get 10 credits if you have 10 diamonds in a single column. There are only 2 things you need to know about a Diamond Mine.

1) How many Diamonds does it need? How many Diamonds must it have before you can expect a positive outcome?
2) How many coins are required to place a spin. This depends on the arrangement of Diamonds, divided into the three columns.

The Diamond Mine is one the least volatile and most beatable Visions. This is why it is so popular with ‘Hustlers,’ who have a small bankroll. Below is a link to a website that provides all the information.

One last note:

This is what I’m sure happened to you if you played a lot on slots. It seemed that someone was watching you every move on certain machines. There is a good chance that it was an IGT Vision. These were the men who knew this information long ago, and they are the ones that ultimately caused many people to lose their money at casinos. They would tell their friends until they knew it was known. When a machine left them with a “Full bonus”, they almost broke out in a fight.

Those days are gone. This is a good thing for anyone who wants to have fun and not spend all their money at the casino. They are no longer possible because there are far fewer beatable slots in casinos today, so it is less popular.

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